i want to end it here

we all can be sure, luca has good intentions.

i had a longer discussion off list, and ... learned somethings about git, but ...
as far as i understood david and guenter, sourceforge will be it for some time

i am totally into learning something new, but a discussion about git, with gitters,
except torvalds, failed thirdtime for me.

so please could we stop this. please.

all the best


On 30 May 2014 14:52, Marcello Perathoner <marcello@perathoner.de> wrote:
On 05/30/2014 12:30 PM, Leandro Lucarella wrote:
> Marcelo Huerta, el 30 de May a las 00:27 me escribiste:
>> Steve Johnson decía, en el mensaje "Re: [Docutils-develop] Migrating to GitHub
>> and overhauling the docs, Part II" del sábado, 24 de mayo de 2014 14:02:39:
>>> I have no problem responding to the arguments; it's the tone I'm worried
>>> about.
>> I was about to complain about tone trolling, but I discovered that I'm also
>> worried about tone. The githubbers' tone. You don't sound like proponents of a
>> better technical approach; you sound like religious evangelists. And I don't
>> trust anything resembling religions.
> I don't know if you consider me a "githubber", but if you do, is quite
> funny how you say that I am a religious evangelist based on NOTHING when
> I explained exactly why I think the change can be positive every time,
> and I showed a success case, a very concrete one, with numbers.

I had the exact same impression: That the arguments pro git(hub) sound a
lot like zealotry or evangelism.

Everybody can show a success case. You look at a long list of projects
and pick one that was successful, you don't pick one that was a failure.
Anecdotal evidence is no evidence at all.

Some real evidence: The Python core developers compared git against
mercurial and bazaar, and git came in *last*.

"Second, and just as important as the first issue, is that the Python
core developers liked git the least out of the three DVCS options by a
wide margin."


If you want to make a case pro git(hub), then you should provide us with
some hard and quantifiable research, like the one I quoted, not with

> So, this type of comments are just what you are worried about: trolling.
> If you want to avoid that, please be more specific, otherwise you are
> just trolling random people.

Please stop. Just because you don't like a person's opinion doesn't mean
he's a troll.


Marcello Perathoner

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