Hi Phryk,

I needed html5 compliant output for generation of my epub (http://eclipsebook.in/appendix/buy-ebook/). 
You can find my development delta at https://github.com/purnank/docutils-code-html5epub3

On Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 10:11 PM, phryk <phryk@phryk.net> wrote:
Hey there,

I'm currently writing the software for my next website which I want
to properly integrate restructured text.

I peeked at a bunch of docs and code but I'm still unsure about a few

        My site is using HTML5, but I'm currently using the html4css1
        writer. How do I implement my own one? Can I subclass from the
        html4 one and just override anything that differs?

        Parsing errors only show up in the published output.
        This is the opposite of what I want to happen; I want
        the output to render everything that didn't fail and
        handle the errors myself (basically just flashing a few
        I stumbled upon "Reporter" classes, but I'm neither sure of
        whether they are what I need nor of how to implement one.

        If I want to set the 'title'-attribute of an HTML 'img'-element,
        can I do this with the image nodeclass supplied by docutils or
        do I have to define my own one?



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