2010/11/1 Guenter Milde <milde@users.berlios.de>
On 2010-10-29, Christophe Delord wrote:
I cannot reproduce the error here. Could you post a *minimal* example?

With the *minimal* example posted in the previous David's message I can reproduce the error.

Just put this *more minimal* example in a single file:


.. sidebar:: A sidebar

    `link 1 <1.html>`_

| `link 2 <2.html>`_
| `link 1 <1.html>`_


Did you include this file in a line-block?
(I suppose that a sidebar directive inside a line-block is not really

The sidebar is not in a line-block but there are duplicate links in the sidebar and in the line-block.
If I swap the last two lines, there is no problem.