I have started using Sphinx to document my programs at work and am really enjoying using restructured text.  Currently, I am working on documenting our requirements for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in a "companion guide" and would like to make heavy use of tables.  To that end, I have the following in a "rst" file to document T-codes:

|Code| Meaning                                                 |
| T1 | Cannot Identify Provider as TPO Participant             |
| T2 | Cannot Identify Payer as TPO Participant                |

(That all lines up in a fixed-width font :-).  The resulting (html)  table has lines dividing the internal cells, but nothing over the top line of the table (the "Code" and "Meaning" cells).  Also, the cell contents are pushed far left, almost touching the cell dividing line. There are no lines on the extreme right or left of the table, either.

Are there options available to set up the table style (or, perhaps, is this a job for css)?  Can I set padding around the cells to place a small space between the cell walls and the text (there appears to be a nice space above and below)?

I'm about to generate LaTeX output.  Is there anything I need to know, or beware of?

Thanks for your help and input!