On 25/10/13 16:37, Peter Funk wrote:
Hallo Guenter,

Guenter Milde schrieb am Freitag, den 25.10.2013 um 13:14:
On 2013-10-25, Christian Weiske wrote:

Is there docutils in-built support for generating rst from a rst file?
If not, is that planned?
It is on the radar for a long time, but we are nowhere near to a "native"
rst writer.

Would you or David care to explain, why it seems to
be so damn hard to implement something like this?

For example: In the sandbox there is a rst2wiki written 
by Joshua Graff.  I admit that I've never used it and
didn't look into his code.  But this writer is something 
like 1150 lines of Python code.  The manpage-writer in
docutils has a similar size.  So does rst2beamer.

Compare this to your latex2e/__init__.py which
was ---of course--- a lot of more work.

What do you think?  

How much harder/easier would it be to implement
a writer which outputs rst looking similar to the
original parsed rst input document?

You could take a look at https://code.google.com/p/tobogan/source/browse/trunk/rst2rst.py