On 11/06/13 19:43, David Goodger wrote:
On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 5:21 PM, Roberto Alsina
<ralsina@netmanagers.com.ar> wrote:
On 11/06/13 19:11, eliben wrote:
Out of curiosity - why wasn't this needed before? As the "source code" for
documentation, it makes sense to me to see tools that transform ReST

Is there, to the best of your knowledge, any technical reason why the
internal "tree" that was parsed from input ReST can't be emitted back to
ReST? Is there any semantically-important information that gets lost in the
parsing process?
Not really. I wrote a rst2rst that pretty much "just worked", even if it
doesn't support the more modern bits of docutils.
You should add a link to the FAQ. Another project I've undoubtedly
heard of before but didn't recall.
It never amounted to a real project, and I can't edit the FAQ myself :-)

If anyone wants to add a link: