The file is not okay, according to what Roger wants. He wants the "Che che" to line up with the Lincoln of the preceding line. Or, put another way, the "Che che" to line up with the "Bob-o-link" of the 5th line.


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El 26/02/11 13:40, Roger Frank escribió:
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I try the code of the poem... and I run *rst2pdf* and *rst2html* and it
work fine. I think I don't know what you say when you say *it doesn't
I should have been more clear. The final line should align somewhere
under the word "Lincoln" to match how the poem was written and
originally typeset. Indentation matters in a poem; it conveys
meaning that should not be lost.

Checking the HTML generated with rst2html, I see the final line:

<div class="line-block">
<div class="line">Chee, chee, chee.</div>

is the same construction as the second line:

<div class="line-block">
<div class="line">Fun and frolic no more he knows;</div>

and they both will be indented the same amount (1.5em) which is
what I mean by "it doesn't preserve" the indentation.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this, Rod.

Roger, I send attach the .*rst and the .html* that my *rst2html*
generate. It's ok... I se it en *chrome* and look fine. See the code...