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Subject: [Docutils-develop] DocFactory - still alive?
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 11:37:46 +0000
From: Timothy W. Grove <tim_grove@sil.org>
To: docutils-develop@lists.sourceforge.net


I'm new to docutils and to this list, but have been programming with 
python and wxpython under Windows for the past few years. I was recently 
looking for a ReST editor and discovered the "DocFactory" snapshot 
listed on your website. Can anyone tell me if this project is still 
alive? I've tried contacting Gunnar Schwant at the email address 
attached to the project (g.schwant@gmx.de) but the email was bounced 
back to me.

If this project is dead or even if it is still alive, how do I 
contribute code to the project? I haven't added any new features (yet!), 
but I've downloaded the snapshot and have updated it to work with python 
2.7, wxpython 2.9 and docutils 0.8 under Windows7. I've also tried it 
out with python 2.6, wxpython 2.9 and docutils 0.8 under Windows XP Pro. 
It may very well work under Linux, but I haven't had the chance to test that

How best can I share my work with the community?

Best regards,
Tim Grove

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