Good.  Should I create a bug report anywhere or is this list enough?


David Goodger wrote:
On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 19:37, Peter Mott <> wrote:
The html4css1 Writer class has an attribute  supported = ('html',
'html4css1', 'xhtml'). The latex2e writer has
supported = ('latex','latex2e'), newlatex has supported = ('newlatex',
'newlatex2e') and manpage has supported = ( ('manpage' ) [ shouldn't
that be ('manpage',)?] Anyway it seems as is

if  'html' in writer.supported:

is the way to go.

But pep_html has no 'supported' attribute at all and nor does s5_html.

Both of these writers are subclasses of the html4css1 writer,
therefore inherit the "supported" attribute.

And the  odf_odt writer has  supported = ('html', 'html4css1', 'xhtml')
same as html4css1.

Are these bugs/omissions or is 'supported' no longer, er, supported?

For odf_odt, I would say it is a bug.

The "supported" attribute certainly is still supported. See
docutils.Component.supports (in docutils/ It's used by
the Filter transform at least.