Hi – I’m a noob with rst: I hope this is not totally obvious!    I did look at the FAQ, read some references, and tried a few things. 


I’d like to make some changes to an existing rst document so that it is easy to distinguish (in the final printed or html output) what belongs to the original authors, and what comments and / or sections I have added, deleted or changed.    So I need some way of distinguishing “mine” from “theirs”.    Perhaps a different font, or some squiggly vertical lines in the margin showing my revisions, or a different background colour, e.g. light grey, light yellow) for the text, or …


The “scope” of the my-mode vs their-mode sections could be quite large, e.g. I might write a whole new chapter, so I’d like to be able to “turn on” one style, and then “switch back to the default style”.   


I’m wanting to target both Latex and html.


Does anyone have advice on how best to do this?