So I'm jumping in to the deep end of docutils development because I have a project where I will be modifying a bunch of existing rst files.  But, I would like to add a couple of directives that would allow me to output a video tag.  I would also like to add another directive that will result in the combination of a textarea tag along with some buttons in the html output.  I realize that what gets output now is xhtml, not html5 but I'll deal with that later.

I've looked at the documentation for adding and registering custom directives and that seems fairly straightforward, but I'm getting stuck at the point where I want to generate nodes that will end up as the right html tags.  It seems like I'll have to also have to add some kind of writer.  If anyone has a working example that would be similar to what I'm doing I'm wondering if you could share it with me.



Brad Miller
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