#35 emacs mode to match rst2pdf syntax (for Ubuntu 12.04)


This patch is relative to the version of Docutils (0.8.1) and rst2pdf (0.16) present on Ubuntu 12.04. rst2pdf expects its output file to be indicated with a '-o' flag, but the emacs mode only knows how to produce commands of the form:

command [options] [conffile] input_file output_file

This patch adds an "out-options" record to allow:

command [options] [conffile] input [out-options] output_file

This may not be useful to anyone, since it looks like the current development version of rst.el has changed a lot since 0.8.1. That's OK with me.


  • Eric W. Anderson

    patch to rst.el

  • Stefan Merten

    Stefan Merten - 2012-11-21
    • assigned_to: nobody --> smerten
    • status: open --> pending
  • Stefan Merten

    Stefan Merten - 2012-11-21

    This is really a feature request to support the non-standard behavior of rst2pdf based on reportlab. In any case this needs further clarification.


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