#11 rst2html: option to keep original html


It would be great, if there was an option for rst2html,
which would preserve original HTML.

I've written a reStructuredText plugin for b2evolution
but there's no way to let it preserve original HTML
like e.g. an IMG tag: the special HTML characters get
converted and therefor the raw HTML gets displayed in
the browser.

Additionally, using "Literal Blocks" (literal_block)
does not work (and that's good IMHO, because special
chars should get encoded there).

My current workaround is, to replace all HTML tags with
some placeholder, pass that data to rs2html and replace
the placeholders with the original tags afterwards
again. Of course, this isn't ideal and it has the
tendency to produce invalid HTML (because rs2html wraps
something in P tags, which is not allowed for example).

Ideally, rs2html would still replace things like "1 <
2" to "1 &lt; 2" with this option ("preserve html")
turned on.


  • David Goodger

    David Goodger - 2006-11-01
    • status: open --> closed-invalid

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