#73 Double quotes not shown in literal text in italian



double quotes (") don't appear neither in inline literals, such ``have "some" quotes``, nor in literal blocks, such::

have "some" quotes

the issue is tested with both rst2latex and rst2newlatex tools with the just downloaded snapthot.




  • engelbert gruber

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    this happens is language is italian.

    from http://www.sprg.uniroma2.it/home/cesati/software/autotest/NEWS

    2004-08-31 (version 0.6.0):
    A new ATQ command, \preamble, allows to define a sequence of LaTeX commands
    to be executed right before the \begin{document} command of any LaTeX text
    file. If the ATQ file does not include a \preamble command, a default
    "\usepackage[italian]{babel}" command will be used. Thus, to disable
    italian hyphenation, just specify "\preamble{}" or
    "\preamble{\usepackage[whatever]{babel}}". The \preamble command might also
    allow to change the default paper dimensions of the question form (see the
    mktest/texfile.h file for the involved LaTeX symbols); or it could change
    the font face and font size of the question forms. In general, you should be
    able to put here any (La)TeX fragment that modifies the aspect of the
    question forms.

    WARNING: recent versions of the babel's italian language file
    changed the catcode of double quote (") to 11 (active character).
    As a consequence, double quotes inside \texttt no longer work as
    expected. Here are some solutions:
    (1) Use '\char`\"' instead of '"'; for instance,
    instead of
    (2) Unless you rely on '"' being an active character,
    restore normal catcode by putting
    inside the \advise text (note: it does not work putting this
    command into \preamble, because the catcode has to be restored
    after \begin{document})

    ill try one or other

  • engelbert gruber

    • summary: Double quotes not shown in literal text --> Double quotes not shown in literal text in italian
  • engelbert gruber

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    fixed for rst2latex.

  • Daniele Varrazzo

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    I submitted the patch 1612821 to fix rst2newlatex.

  • engelbert gruber

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  • engelbert gruber

    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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