#206 Fix for metadata support - Added new style table-content

ODT Writer (14)

The attached patch fixes some problems with odt writer :

- The meta directive described in the documentation odt.txt didn't work because only writers supporting html include the meta element (see docutils/transforms/components.py).
- Keywords cannot contains '-' ands '.' chars. I changed the WORD_SPLIT_PAT1 regexp.
- lxml was disabled. I got some curious behaviours with ElementTree : when inserting odf stuff with the raw directive, tags are replaced by ns0, ns1, ns2... (eg : <text:p fo:break-before=" page"> is replaced by <ns0:p ns1:break-before="page">). With lxml, no problem.
- I added a new style table-content used in tables paragraph. table-title is stll used in table headers.
- I got problems on CentOS 6 with the PIL import. I see there are some changes in PIL 1.2 but CentOS uses PIL 1.1. docutils should be compatible with both versions.

Hopes this helps.


  • Jean-Charles ROGEZ

    • status: open --> closed-duplicate
  • Jean-Charles ROGEZ

    Duplicated of #3563665..


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