#124 buildhtml.py: --local ignored (regression in 0.6)


The change from os.path.walk to os.walk in docutils 0.6 broke the --local command-line option, causing it to have no effect.

Steps to reproduce:
* be in a docutils source tree
* PYTHONPATH=.:extras tools/buildhtml.py --local .

Expected result:
* BUGS.txt (etc.) are built
* docs/index.txt (etc.) are not

Actual result:
* Everything is built

The attached patch (applied in Debian) is rather heavy-handed (it just reverts to an older buildhtml.py), but it seems to work.


  • Simon McVittie

    Simon McVittie - 2009-12-07

    patch that reverts the change (overreacting!)

  • Günter Milde

    Günter Milde - 2010-03-31

    The use of os.walk is the prize for py3k compatibility. This is also why the Debian patch cannot be used upstram.
    If no other solution is found, removing the --local option should be considered.

  • engelbert gruber

    * fixed ONLY local
    * removed python2.2 support

  • engelbert gruber

    • assigned_to: nobody --> grubert
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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