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PHP Doc System / News: Recent posts

Version 1.5.2 Released

This fixes a local file inclusion vulnerability.

Posted by Alex King 2006-04-05

Version 1.5 released

The generator is the big addition in this release. It allows people who aren't PHP programmers (but are reasonably tech-savvy) to help write your documentation. It also speeds up entry and editing modules (and avoiding typos). I ended up using it a lot myself.

Posted by Alex King 2004-03-08

Version 1.2 released

More enhancements.

Posted by Alex King 2003-11-11

Version 1.1 Released

Minor cleanup and enhancements...

Posted by Alex King 2003-09-26

Version 1.0 Released

First public release. Check the home page for more info.

Posted by Alex King 2003-05-22