Changes Rev 13

As of revision 13 it is possible to configure on the level of each orderform, that

- orders may be saved directly in the database before sending an email to the patron and the library

This produces a more reliable order process: Pure email based orders may be lost due to SPAM-blocking issues.

Default configuration is set to false ( = pure email notification).

The changes also include:

- New order state ("to order")
- Adapted sort and filter mechanisms
- If patron is unknown, he will be saved as new user
- Improved and unified reorder mechanisms (librarian)

Additional Benefits:

- no lenght limitations due to orderlink in email (get-method)
- books and book parts will also be automatically saved

To update from an existing installation there are some minor DB changes (see db/dbchanges_forUpdate).

Posted by Markus Fischer 2010-05-24

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