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New developer resources + a complete DocSynch class diagram

I have added some developer docs ([]=8.Developer_Docs) to the website, including the essential DocSynch class diagram: There are also some links to papers about real-time collaborative editing. And last but not least, there are some VIM users interested in collaborative editing for VIM:

Posted by Alexander Klimetschek 2004-05-08

Current work: Writing an IRC client widget

I am currently working on my own IRC client called "PlugIRC" which is basically a user-interface widget written in java which shall support Swing, SWT and Windows Forms (via J#). Apart from multiple server-connections and multiple channels in a tab-based layout, it will support "plugins" to automatically intercept and send messages.

Once this is finished, DocSynch has a better future in Eclipse and Visual Studio .NET. And the current IRC plugin for jEdit will be replaced (or updated to 3.0), too. Stay tuned!

Posted by Alexander Klimetschek 2004-04-29

docsynch-core library now available in .NET

I managed to compile the docynch-core library in .NET. Some modifications were necessary along with a custom sax-for-dotnet assembly to parse xml files in SAX manner with .NET.

There are now three packages for the docsynch-core library, one for JAVA (essentially a jar file), one for .NET (two assembly-dlls) and one for the source distribution (includes java and dotnet source, they mainly use the same files).

Posted by Alexander Klimetschek 2004-03-30

First DocSynch core library for Java released

I released the first separate docsynch core library (version 0.9). To get this to work in an editor, it needs a "wrapper" plugin such as the docsynch-jedit plugin.

Posted by Alexander Klimetschek 2004-03-27

Work in progress...

Currently I am working on: separating the not-editor-specific stuff into a own library "docsynch-core.jar"; the jEdit plugin now has an option pane for everything that has to do with color highlighting; I am trying to compile the core library as J# in .NET for a Visual Studio .NET addin.

Stay tuned.

Posted by Alexander Klimetschek 2004-03-26

DocSynch jEdit plugin 1.0 beta4 released!

Shortly after the (much older) 1.0 beta3 release, I am glad to announce a new release of DocSynch for jEdit. Despite the small version number change, this new version includes lots of changes. Look at the release notes for more information:

Download the release at:

Posted by Alexander Klimetschek 2004-02-01

DocSynch project up, website up and first file release!

After hosting it privately, DocSynch has moved to Sourceforge to get professional project management and to reach a wider audience. The website is up along with the most important content and there is also a first release of DocSynch.

DocSynch 1.0 beta3 was initially released on 03-09-2003 (website went down in december) and the same version makes now the first official release at Sourceforge.... read more

Posted by Alexander Klimetschek 2004-02-01