Encoding Error

  • Gordon

    Gordon - 2002-03-18

    Okay,  I am trying to create a binary file using docsis with the following syntax.

    ./docsis -e config2 key test.cfg

    And I am getting the following error.

    Reading a token: Next token is 262 (T_IDENT_SNMPSET)
    Shifting token 262 (T_IDENT_SNMPSET), Entering state 5
    Reading a token: Next token is 263 (T_OID)
    Shifting token 263 (T_OID), Entering state 18
    Reading a token: Unrecognized char "=" at line 13

    The "=" sign is the first equal sign in my config file.

    Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?

    • Oli

      Oli - 2002-04-25

      did you ever get that fixed?
      I'm running into the same problem, both on my windows and linux boxes.

    • bergamote DelaVega

      Hi all,

      I've a little problem for encoding snmp objects of type "TimeTicks".

      In fact, I've find a cable-modem configuration file.
      I've succesfully decoded this file(with docsis), but I can't re-encode it.
      In the decoded file, I've a line like that:

      SnmpMibObject c2kUcmTelnetLifeTime.0 TimeTicks 100:0:00:00.00 ;

      And when I try to re-encode, I've this error:
      14:syntax error token TimeTicks
      Error parsing config file test.txt

      I don't understand why docsis is able do decode the file, but not to re-encode it.
      I didn't make any modification to the decoded file.

      here is a summarize:

      [root@box sample_config]# docsis -d test.cfg > test.txt
      [root@box sample_config]# docsis -e test.txt ../key test.cfg
      14:syntax error token TimeTicks
      Error parsing config file test.txt
      [root@box sample_config]#

      I'm using docsis-0.9.2 and net-snmp-5.1 on a fedora core 2

      Thanks for your help

    • Evvolve SRL

      Evvolve SRL - 2005-06-24

      TimeTicks will come in 0.9.5 :)


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