ManufacturerCVC with Motorola CM

  • Attila Domjan

    Attila Domjan - 2003-09-29

    How can I use CVC statement in config file?
    Motorola gives a mot-drk-cvc.der -file with firmwares, and it's 925 bytes long. And  the size of CVC value is max 255bytes.

    • Evvolve SRL

      Evvolve SRL - 2003-10-10

      You have to split the CVC file into smaller pieces. You take the binary .der, split it in 4 pieces - 3x255 + 1x160 - and then add MfgCVCData statements to the config file with each of these (in the proper order). You will end up with four MfgCVCData statements in the file. The cable modem concatenates them in the given order and reconstructs the DER.


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