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  • Oli

    Oli - 2002-04-24

    C:\docsis>docsis.bat -e rogers02.cfg keyfile rogers00.cfg
    Unrecognized char "=" at line 12

    I've managed to get that far but I was stopped in my tracks, does anybody know how I could get around this, or if theres something I could do to get this working....this is what the config file looks like:

    Main {
    NetworkAccess 0;
    ClassOfService {
    ClassID 4;
    MaxRateDown 3000000;
    MaxRateUp 400000;
    PriorityUp 3;
    GuaranteedUp 0;
    MaxBurstUp 0;
    PrivacyEnable 0;
    SnmpMibObject . = IpAddress:
    SnmpMibObject . = IpAddress:
    SnmpMibObject . = "phsrctac"

    • Oli

      Oli - 2002-04-25

      I've tried the same thing on a linux box and had the same results.

      Entering state 6
      Reading a token: Next token is 262 (T_IDENT_SNMPSET)
      Shifting token 262 (T_IDENT_SNMPSET), Entering state 5
      Reading a token: Next token is 263 (T_OID)
      Shifting token 263 (T_OID), Entering state 18
      Reading a token: Unrecognized char "=" at line 13

      • Adrian Kwong

        Adrian Kwong - 2002-04-25


        The current output can't be fedback into the input.  The SNMP statements you have look like the output from the docsis tool.

        I have source modifications to the snmp parsing that make it generate almost cyclable output that can be fedback to the input.

    • Evvolve SRL

      Evvolve SRL - 2002-04-25

      Please read the README. docsis cannot encode the files it has decoded itself if they contain SNMP settings. This is because we wanted a very "clean" file format for encoding but we couldn't get ucd-snmp to print out the required format.

      Anyway, if you remove the "=" and change some other small things you will end up with an "encodable" file.


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