Howard Chu - 2003-05-12

This may be common knowledge for most of you, but I just went thru this so I'm posting what I did... Looking at the config file for my SB4200 modem I saw that it uses experimental.83, an obsolete MIB. This MIB is defined at

I used net-snmp's smistrip script to install this MIB. First I added "EXPTL-" prefix to the name (for "experimental") and then globaly replaced "docsDev" with "exptlDocsDev" in the file so it wouldn't clash with the curent standard's tags.

The current docsDev standard is in RFC2669.

After parsing out the config file I found the community string to use for SNMP queries and was able to interrogate the modem. Its rreplies used the current docsDev MIB, not the draft.