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This is great...

  • Ronald A. McCormick

    I had written a program to dump DOCSIS 1.0 configuration files and to re-compile them into the appropriate bin files.  I had just added DOCSIS 1.1 support.  The only thing I couldnt do is the !@#$% filters... (I hate BER encoding...) Congrats... 

    So, how can I contribute the changes to support DOCSIS 1.1?  Your parser code is much cleaner than mine and would prefer to contribute to this one.

    • Cornel Ciocirlan

      That would be great. I wanted to add DOCSIS 1.1 support but I don't have any DOCSIS 1.1 devices to test with. If you have access to such devices, by all means let's do it !

      BTW, I got the BER encoding & stuff (which I hate as well) from ucd-snmp :)


    • Ronald A. McCormick

      I am testing DOCSIS 1.1 CMTS units and I have a few modems with early 1.1 code.  So, yes, I can test the configuration files.  I have already added in support for more TLVs, but am still working on cleaning it before sending you patches.  (Mainly I have started with more TLVs from DOCSIS 1.0 and the preliminary support for the DOCSIS 1.1 TLVs.  I start with the decode side.   I am using the various DOCSIS 1.1 ATP configuration files to test the decodes against.


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