#7 Faulty MIC on ubuntu:amd64



I've used docsis-tool a great deal, but seem to have
come upon a problem now, when compiling on a
Ubuntu+amd64 platform.

It seems that docsis creates faulty files.. the MIC-
calculation isn't correct.
I've compared encodings from a windows-edition, a
32bit:ubuntu, a 32bit:debian, and a amd64bit:ubuntu.

All work except the amd64bit:ubuntu. It gives a
different MIC, and the CMs don't accept the package.

Compiled from scratch on all linux-ones.
tested with
docsis -e docsis1.1_classifiers2.cfg keyfile test.cfg
where keyfile = DOCSIS on all

The results are:

Correct: ( windows-edition, a 32bit:ubuntu, a 32bit:
debian all the same)
/* CmMic d21b5758c641df02467ddc889cd37872; */
/* CmtsMic 8498e9330e45b1fc9f34bb64555c3a94; */

Faulty: ( amd64bit:ubuntu.)
/* CmMic b0934912b48c1a7834365947016c6e73; */
/* CmtsMic 028cd57c28aa97746829268caa42b524; */

The two ubuntu-installs are identical when it comes to
packages etc.

When opening the .cfg's in cfgedit.exe (Correlant...),
all packs work except the faulty one (doh)...

Looking forward to a solution... if there already is
one, sorry for the post, but could u direct me to
solution ? 80)

Best regards
Ola Sandstad


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    after a change in md5.h


    /* UINT4 defines a four byte word */
    typedef unsigned long int UINT4;#

    /* UINT4 defines a four byte word */
    typedef unsigned int UINT4;

    the MIC on our AMD64-System seems to be ok...

  • Richard Laager

    Richard Laager - 2010-06-11
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Richard Laager

    Richard Laager - 2010-06-11

    I'm taking over the abandoned docsis project. I've accepted a patch to fix this in revision 54e1fd206486843ddf508321a0de895a35429bd9 on http://github.com/rlaager/docsis. I hope to cut a 0.9.6 release soon, ideally today. Thanks for the bug report.


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