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DocPerl verions 0.9.2 released

This DocPerl release includes fixes to many minor bugs, including the removal of a configuration option that should not have been removed, lots of JavaScript issues fixed and some tidying up of the code.

Posted by Ivan Wills 2007-04-27

DocPerl verions 0.9.1 released

This release of DocPerl is mostly a bug fixes release, with some minor new features, including the capability to search CPAN directly from with in DocPerl and some I18N work.

Posted by Ivan Wills 2007-04-13

DocPerl verions 0.9 released

DocPerl 0.9

This is a major new release of DocPerl. It features new search capabilities,
new POD generation using Pod::POM, a new look and many other minor improvement
through out the code.

The new search capabilities now include full text searching or modules' POD,
as well as searching for function names in modules in addition to the previous
capabilities of searching by module name.

Changes to the look of DocPerl to make the generated POD be similar to CPAN's
style, the old style is still available. Also as part of the new look there
has been the removal of some frames hopefully increasing the usability of
DocPerl. Generation of POD through Pod::POM has simplified resolved some
issues due to the requirement of Pod::HTML to create temporary files and
having to maintain a modified version. Unfortunately not all issues with
Pod::POM have been resolved in particular internal page links.

Posted by Ivan Wills 2007-03-22

DocPerl Version 0.4 Released

Version 0.3 of DocPerl has been released with improved security, less dependencies for windows installations and a reorganisation of some of the structure for better extensability.

Posted by Ivan Wills 2006-06-22

DocPerl Version 0.3 Released

Version 0.3 of DocPerl has been released providing much improved javascript performance, IE is now fully working, improved documentation and the start of work for running DocPerl on Windows.

DocPerl version 0.3 can be downloaded from:

A working version can be seen by going to:

Posted by Ivan Wills 2006-05-30