Eric Lawman - 2010-10-26

The next version is out.  Brief changes overview:

*Removed BROWSE_PAGINATE and RESULTS_PER_PAGE usage in API.  Usage left to the client.
*Inteface cleanup in browse page to remove some unnecessary spaces in toolbars
*Disabled showpreview.php file for now
*Fix use out invalid object reference in util/common.php->getChildCollections
*Fixed keyword sql errors when passing an array of colfilters to DOCMGR_SEARCH class
*autocapitalize="off" in login form to stop mobile browser autocapitalization
*Fixed webdav issue where clients can sometimes corrupt a collection if they try to create file in a folder right after it was created
*Put application-inline back in file download to fix file name download issues
*Fixed editor_content field showing in dsofrmaer
*Fixed issue with Everyone group permissions not always being inherited properly on the client side
*Fixed dsoframer spacing issue
*Improved issue where IE hangs when switching between documents that use different editor types
*Fixed editor so it will display as html or edit the source of DMEditor compatible documents in browsers that don't support contenteditable.  I'm looking at you, Mobile Safari
*Updated main search box to look correct on Mobile Safari
*added email notification in workflow task assignment