[BUG][2.1.2] - language and special character

  • Gorki

    Gorki - 2013-05-20

    When I put "Français" in the description nothing is shown in the settings popup.
    When I put "Francais", it's OK.

  • Gorki

    Gorki - 2013-05-21

    Also do not create the api.php with UTF-8 (BOM) encoding, it will corrupt downloaded files.

  • Gorki

    Gorki - 2013-05-25

    Also don't try to rename Users directory, it must same hard coded reference to it.
    Docmgr is a good tool, but still a long way to become truely admin-friendly :) :
    - hard coded reference
    - home directory name is user login
    - disabling functions is not so easy, etc..
    - default permissions not very well documented

    But, for my current use with some modifications, I'll reach my goal.

    Last edit: Gorki 2013-05-25

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