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  • alexo

    alexo - 2013-05-22

    I've tried to create a new template and I found that even when I change the site theme via (define("SITE_THEME","default");), there are still many modules that have the default theme location hard coded in them.
    So after change I still get content from default one.
    Example: module docmgr uses the folloowing source for icons: src="themes/default/images/object-icons/"
    Same valid for workflow and others.

  • alexo

    alexo - 2013-05-23

    |grep -Ri "themes/default" *
    app/viewimage.php: $filepath = "../themes/default/images/thumbnails/file.png";
    app/showthumb.php: if (!file_exists($thumb) || filesize($thumb)=="0") $thumb = SITE_URL."themes/default/images/thumbnails/file.png";
    app/showpreview.php: if (!file_exists($thumb) || filesize($thumb)=="0") $thumb = SITE_URL."themes/default/images/thumbnails/file.png";
    jslib/eform.js: var img = createImg("themes/default/images/icons/browse.png");
    lib/modules.php: $defaultImg = "themes/default/images/modules/".$siteModList["link_name"][$key].".png";
    modules/contacts/editcontact/js/editaccount.js: curimg.setAttribute("src","themes/default/images/icons/dashbox.gif");
    modules/contacts/editcontact/js/editaccount.js: curimg.setAttribute("src","themes/default/images/icons/plusbox.gif");

  • Eric Lawman

    Eric Lawman - 2013-05-23

    Thanks. I'll get these and the missing language entries straightened out in the next release.


  • alexo

    alexo - 2013-06-10

    I've noticed that after upgrade from 2.1.2 to 2.1.3 the installer doesn't preserve the template configuration and it actually brakes things as it inserts the default template badly.
    Here's what I found in config.php after upgrade >

    //Default theme for DocMGR

    This resulted in many modules not working + error messages>
    PHP Warning: readfile("default/images/thumbnails/fie.png


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