#17 Unusual Drawing Behaviour


Hi there,

I have discovered some unusual drawing behavior when using the DockPanel suite along side the USkin application skinning dll.

Whenever a form such as the about box or a message box is displayed the current document view is drawn with what would seem to be an extra title bar. Dragging the front form can "erase" the newly drawn title bar.

I have attached a screen shot showing the problem. You can see where I have dragged a form and erased the newly created title. This problem does not happen when the skinning dll is not used but I am not sure which one of the two parts has a problem.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated...


Ashley (ashes[dot]man[at]gmail[dot]com)


  • Ashley Duncan

    Ashley Duncan - 2009-01-03

    Screen Shot

  • Ashley Duncan

    Ashley Duncan - 2009-01-03

    I have done some more playing and discovered that this funny title bar is drawn whenever a view that is displayed as a Document View (curved tabs at top) loses its focus! So switching to another application will cause the document view to have a funny title bar drawn on it.

    There is no problem when the offending document view is dragged to one of the edge panes (with rectangle tabs at bottom).

    What is the difference between a DockContent attached to a side pane and to the centre panes thatwould cause it to be drawn differently. It seems to me like the default windows form paint event is trying to draw its title bar on the DockContent form (but only when it is attached to a centre pane).

  • Mark Twombley

    Mark Twombley - 2009-01-21

    I've closed this because you have identified the problem to be related to the USkin tool. I don't have it and nobody else on the Dev Team has picked this up.


  • Mark Twombley

    Mark Twombley - 2009-01-21
    • status: open --> closed

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