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DockPanel Suite 2.3 Released

DockPanel Suite 2.3 just released. This release contains bug fixes since 2.2 and a few enhancements. Please refer to the change log for details.

Posted by Steve Overton 2009-03-27

DockPanel Suite 2.2 Released

DockPanal Suite 2.2 just released! It contains fixes since release 2.1. Please refer to change log for details.

Posted by Weifen Luo 2007-11-04

DockPanel Suite 2.0 Released

The Version 2.0 of DockPanel Suite has Visual Studio 2005 look and feel, full RTL support, XP theme support, and more...

Posted by Weifen Luo 2007-04-03

DockPanel Suite Version 2.0 Release Candidate 1 Released

DockPanel Suite Version 2.0 Release Candidate 1 released!

Posted by Weifen Luo 2007-03-02

DockPanel Suite Version Released

DockPanel Suite Version Release Notes

API Changes
1. New overload for DockPanel.SaveAsXml and DockPanel.LoadFromXml to allow data contained in another XML element to be saved and loaded, the version of configuration file changed to "1.0" to reflect the serialization of DockWindow Z-Orders.... read more

Posted by Weifen Luo 2006-02-13

Version 0.999.0.0 Released

Version 0.999.0.0 Released!

DockPanel Suite Version 0.999 Release Notes

API changes that may break old version program for compile:

1. In addition to derive the form from DockContent class, now you can also implement IDockContent interface(providing new class DockContentHandler for implementation); Previously all places that returns DockContent class now returns IDockContent interface, you may need to modify your source code by adding a type conversion.... read more

Posted by Weifen Luo 2006-01-13

Future Release Plan

First of all, sorry for long time not taking care of the project due to my family issues.

The new version will be released before Jan 15, with the following changes:
1. In addition to derive your form from DockContent, you can also implement IDockContent interface for your form, therefore you can derive your form from other class as well. (Done)
2. MDI integration change. The HiddenMdiWindow has been eliminated. DockPanel interacts with the MDI client window directly. Provides better compatibility, for example, the new MenuStrip in VS 2005. Also provides better focus management. (Done)
3. VS 2005 style drag and drop. (Almost Done)
4. Repeat click of document scroll button. (Not yet finished)... read more

Posted by Weifen Luo 2005-12-29

Documentation Now Is Available

The documentation of DockPanel Suite is available now. It contains the introduction and how to programming DockPanel Suite.

Posted by Weifen Luo 2004-09-24

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