#88 Filter results by extension and/or sorting results by extension


I would like to be able to filter results by extension. Currently I can filter by file type, but the text file type includes many things: .txt and .java for example. Sometimes I may have hundreds of java files that match the search and only one txt (the one that I am looking for). Moreover, currently I cannot sort the results by extension.

I like to have everything indexed because sometimes I need to find a java file, sometimes a txt and sometimes both.

I think that adding this filter (and maybe others such as modification date or creation date, path) may be very useful.

Maybe an easier solution would be letting the user sort the results by extension or any other field, clicking on the header of the table of results.



  • Octavi Estapé

    Octavi Estapé - 2014-01-13

    As Quang says in the discussion, the GUI already lets you sort the results by any field. Sorry I didn't check it well.


  • Octavi Estapé

    Octavi Estapé - 2014-01-15

    Another option is searching for

    whatever_you_want_to_find AND (filename:*.txt OR filename:"*.txt")

    For some reason *.txt does not always return all the results. In those cases "*.txt" returns the missing ones.

    Last edit: Octavi Estapé 2014-01-15

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