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  • jsava

    jsava - 2014-04-01

    I have successfully installed portable DocFetcher that indexed 138,000 files containing 55 Gb. The files and index are on a Netware server. All users are pleased with the results. Users are not allowed to update the index. Half the users are able to load the index in 5 seconds. The other half take 5 minutes to load the index. All computers similar and run XP SP3, DocFetcher 1.1.11 and Java 1.7. Any suggestions on finding the problem with loading the index ?

  • Nam-Quang Tran

    Nam-Quang Tran - 2014-04-01


    1) Check the folder watching setting on each index (the setting "Watch folders for file changes" on the indexing dialog). If it's enabled, try disabling it. You'll need to rebuild the respective index to change this setting.

    2) When are the indexes on each computer loaded? Are they loaded simultaneously or at different times? Is there any correlation between searching and load times (e.g. loading indexes becomes slow after first search is started)? Or a correlation between documents being modified and load times?

    3) Have you tried inspecting network traffic? The slow loading might have something to do with a lot of data being transferred over the network.

    Best regards
    q:-) <= Quang

  • jsava

    jsava - 2014-04-02


    1) current setting is "Watch folders for file changes" . I will try rebuilding over weekend.
    2) One Index on the file server. Slow loading when one user is loading and no other user has DocFetcher open.
    3) Very little Network traffic. Server running at less than 15% capacity. User using 6% of his bandwith.

    Must be a Java or XP problem but I haven't found any significant difference in the computers or software loaded. I'm not experienced with Java.

    Thanks, Jack


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