#8 define repeated content in one element

Erik Hennum


Add a facility to define content in one location and insert
the content in multiple locations within the document.


If repeated content can be maintained in a single location,
the document is more maintainable. For an example of
such a facility, consider FrameMaker variables.

Use Cases:

One application is to define commonly-used short phrases
such as product names or book titles.

Another is to define repeated paragraphs such as warnings
that must appear in multiple locations within a document.


To support definition of repeated content outside any
rendered use of the content, add an insertable element
to the contents of the *info elements. The contents of
insertable element would be similar to %component.mix;

To support specification of where to copy content, add an insert
element. The insert element could appear anywhere an xref
element could appear and, like the xref element, would have
an attribute to specify the id of the source element. The
source element could reside within a hidden insertable element
or within the rendered contents of the document.


The processing application would get the inserted element and
generate unique ids in the contents of the copied element before
processing the copied element. Unlike with xref, the processing
application would get the entire contents of the source element
rather than just the title and wouldn't link the generated content
back to the source.

Work Arounds:

Currently, common text can be defined as an entity, but that
means most writers and editors cannot create and maintain the
common text.

Further Considerations:

Would it be best to use XLink attributes in the insert element?


  • Norman Walsh

    Norman Walsh - 2001-04-25
    • status: open --> closed
  • Norman Walsh

    Norman Walsh - 2001-04-25

    Logged In: YES

    Investigate entities, that's the XML solution for the
    problem your thinking about.

  • Norman Walsh

    Norman Walsh - 2001-11-09
    • status: closed --> pending
  • Norman Walsh

    Norman Walsh - 2001-11-09
    • status: pending --> closed-wont-fix

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