#63 MsgText has far too broad a content mode

v5.0 FU for 6.0
DocBook (176)

Resolution: We will make the content the same as %

Currently (v 3.0), MsgText contains component.mix,
which allows lists,
synopses, and so on. This is far too broad. The
content model must be
significantly reduced.

Feb 1997:

Currently the MsgText element contains component.mix,
which is to
broad a content model. During the discussion of this
issue it was
suggested that MsgSet as a whole would be used by many
more DocBook
users if it were simplified inadequate.

Terry will ask for examples of subjects used by Novell
and Sun.

25 Oct 98:

I recall doing so (or something similar), says Terry,
but I don't find the
mail. I've suggested to the list that we just get rid
of MsgSet

26 Oct 98. Norm thinks it's too late to remove MsgSet
Eduardo thinks he might be able to get along without
It would imply doing some transformations from the
model to the new one, but if there is a marked
I think it would be worth it.

a user writes:
[Beckers, Marc] MsgSet allows us to group messages
to product component or utility that returns the
Not only do I request that MsgSet be kept, I on the
contrary request that
a Title be included on it (i.e., MsgSet contains a
followed by one or more MsgEntry elements).

Dr. Marc Beckers
Your friendly Documentation Consultant
Software AG, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)6151 92 1322
Fax.: +49 (0)6151 92 1612
Email: Marc.Beckers@softwareag.com

to which Terry responds (to the list):
All right, MsgSet remains in play and Dr Beckers's
request for a Title
on [info lost 26 Oct 98, but summary follows] is
acknowledged. [Terry
asked Eduardo to detail someone such as Murray A to
construct a straw
man for the Chicago meeting in Nov.]

Eve will propose a content model for MsgText

Nov 98 minutes:

It's reasonable to add an optional title to MsgSet.
While the model is complicated, it appears to
do a pretty good job.

ACTION: Eduardo, if he desires, to propose a
simplification of MsgSet that could be used as a
"lite" alternative.

ACTION: Eve to propose a list of components that are
appropriate for the content of MsgText.


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