#180 ARTICLE should allow glossary|bibliography in the beginning


ARTICLE makes demands for the placement of
glossary|bibliography, where it should be able to put
them in the beginning also.

Because a DocBook ARTICLE makes certain demands of the
location of the glossary and bibilography, you must use
DocBook BOOK which allows GLOSSARY items in the front.
It will not parse and validate otherwise.

DocBook BOOK makes no such demands, but it cannot be a
collection of SECTIONS, which is good for technical
numbering. The XLS stylesheet doesn't enumerate a
collection of ARTICLES for technical (
autonumbering. (maybe someone can edit the XLS
stylesheet for article.autolabel, but not sure overall)

The only way to convert a BOOK to a single ARTICLE
format for SECTION type technical numbering is: Move
the glosslist (acronyms) to the front, Move the
glossary (definitions) to the back, Move the
bibliograpy (referenced docs) to the back,

Unfortunately, this is the way DocBook XML is defined:
DocBook Element Reference (ARTICLE)


  • Norman Walsh

    Norman Walsh - 2005-06-10

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    At the May, 2005 TC, we agreed that there's no reason to
    continue restricting glossarys and bibliographys in article.
    In fact, DocBook V5.0 will allow them to appear at the

    For the moment, the TC isn't planning to publish an updated
    V4.x schema for this feature. You can do it as a local
    extension for the time being.

    If this represents a significant problem for you, please
    re-open this RFE and tell us why.

  • Norman Walsh

    Norman Walsh - 2005-06-10
    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me

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