#108 Add bidirectional text overrides

DocBook (176)

The Unicode standard defines an algorithm to support
text that is displayed Right to Left (RTL) and Left to
Right (LTR). The algorithm also supports combined
and embedded RTL and LTR text. For most situations,
the display direction can be determined unambiguously
based on an implied direction for each character.
However, in certain cases, the direction of text can be
ambiguous. Unicode provides explicit override
characters to disambiguate those cases.

The Unicode organization deprecates the use of the
override characters when Unicode is used in XML and
other markup languages. Instead, they recommend
that the bidirectional overrides be implemented as part
of the markup language. See:


The HTML 4.0 specification provides these overrides
through the <bdo> element and the dir attribute.

This RFE suggests that DocBook provide the same
capability, either by adopting the HTML 4.0 markup
or by providing an equivalent capability.


  • Norman Walsh

    Norman Walsh - 2003-10-21
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Norman Walsh

    Norman Walsh - 2003-10-21

    Logged In: YES

    Added dir attribute in 4.3


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