#162 fix quoting of dots

output: manpages
XSL (122)

In a document I have, filename extensions are referenced using syntax such as <filename>.dat</filename>. In the generated manpage, this appears as:
on it's own line.

While this appears to work on Linux, on Solaris, this results in the man page being truncated. This is because the initial dot is being treated as introducing a macro despite the quoting. So this is an error in the nroff sources and not the Solaris implementation of nroff.

There may well be better ways of fixing this such as not putting in the newline but the attached patch gets around the problem by using \N'46' to produce a dot for the first character in a sequence. This won't always be the first character in a line but much of the time, it will be.


  • Oliver Kiddle

    Oliver Kiddle - 2009-02-06


  • Michael(tm) Smith

    hmm, this is an ugly problem. I guess the suggested fix would work for most cases. Whatever change I make to address this, it will be off by default, and you'd need to turn it on manually with a "man.dot.is.numbered.escape.enabled" (or whatever) parameter.

  • Michael(tm) Smith

    • assigned_to: nobody --> xmldoc
  • Michael(tm) Smith

    We are planning to get a stable 1.74.1 release out this week. I'll revisit this bug after that.

    It seems like A workaround is to put some kind of non-printing character before the dot in your DocBook source, or to even put a blank space in there; e.g., "<filename> .dat</filename>"


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