#102 generate acronym and abbr in (X)HTML

output: HTML
XSL (122)
Jon Willeke

Currently, the acronym and abbrev elements generate
plain text for HTML and XHTML. The attached patch
generates acronym and abbr elements, respectively. If
a DocBook acronym element contains a moreinfo
attribute, this becomes the title attribute of the HTML
acronym element.

Mozilla, IE, and Opera display a tooltip for elements
with a title attribute. Mozilla's default stylesheet
also displays a dotted line under acronym or abbr
elements with a title attribute.

These elements were introduced in HTML 4.0. If HTML
generation is supposed to be compatible with 3.2, this
can still be generated for XHTML.


  • Michael(tm) Smith

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    A fix for this issue has been added to the current codebase.
    Please test the fix with the latest snapshot from:


  • Michael(tm) Smith

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    I implemented this feature (using a different fix) a while
    back, but forgot to close this out.

  • Michael(tm) Smith

    • milestone: --> output: HTML
    • assigned_to: nobody --> xmldoc
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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