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DocBook XSL-NS 1.74.1 released

The DocBook XSL-NS stylesheets are namespaced versions of the DocBook XSL stylesheets, intended for use with DocBook 5 documents.

This release includes important bug fixes and adds the following significant
feature changes:


Kirghiz locale added and Chinese translations have been simplified.

Somme support for gentext and right-to-left languages has been added.


Various bugs have been resolved.

Support for a new processing instruction: dbfo funcsynopsis-style has been

Added new param email.mailto.enabled for FO output. Patch from Paolo

Support for documented metadata in fop1 mode has been added.


Support for the latest version of XSLTHL 2.0 and some new language syntaxes
have been added to a variety of outputs.


Added param (zero default). It non-zero, no
such markup is embedded in generated man pages, and no enhancements are
included in the PostScript output generated from those man pages by the man
-Tps command.


Support for writing.mode to set text direction and alignment based on
document locale has been added.

Added a new top-level stylesheet module, chunk-changebars.xsl, to be used
for generating chunked output with highlighting based on change
(@revisionflag) markup. The module imports/includes the standard chunking
and changebars templates and contains additional logic for chunked output.
See FRs #1015180 and #1819915.


Covers now look better in Adobe Digital Editions thanks to a patch from
Paul Norton of Adobe

Cover handling now more generic (including limited DocBook 5.0 cover
support thanks to patch contributed by Liza Daly.

Cover markup now carries more reliably into files destined for .mobi and
the Kindle.

dc:identifiers are now generated from more types of numbering schemes.

Both SEO and semantic structure of chunked ePub output by ensuring that we
always send out one and only one h1 in each XHTML chunk.

Primitive support for embedding a single font added.

Support for embedding a CSS customizations added.


Support for imagedata-metadata and table as images added.

Support for imagedata-metadata and legalnotice as images added.

Params added for Manpages output

writing.mode.xml added to set text direction.

Added new param email.mailto.enabled for FO output. Patch from Paolo
Borelli. Closes #2086321.

highlight.source upgraded to support the latest version of XSLTHL 2.0.

As with all DocBook Project “dot one plus” releases, this release aspires to be
stable (in contrast to dot-zero releases, which are experimental).

Posted by Keith Fahlgren 2009-02-18

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