DocBook XSL-NS 1.74.0 released

This release includes important bug fixes and adds the following significant
feature changes:

.epub target

Paul Norton (Adobe) and Keith Fahlgren(O'Reilly Media) have donated code
that generates .epub documents from DocBook input. An alpha-reference
implementation in Ruby has also been provided.

.epub is an open standard of the The International Digital Publishing Forum
(IDPF), a the trade and standards association for the digital publishing

Read more about this target in epub/README

XHTML 1.1 target

To support .epub output, a strict XHTML 1.1 target has been added. The
stylesheets for this output are generated and are quite similar to the
XHTML target.

Gentext updates

A number of locales have been updated.

Roundtrip improvements

Table, figure, template syncronization, and character style improvements
have been made for WordML & Pages. Support added for

Posted by Keith Fahlgren 2008-06-03

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