#450 attribute set for comments/remarks

XSL (399)

Currently, the stylesheets are hard-coded to use "font-style=italic" as the sole attribute on the fo:block for a comment/remark. I think it would be useful to have an attribute set for comments/remarks so this can be customized easily.


  • Jens Bannmann

    Jens Bannmann - 2012-04-12

    Bob, can you please verify the attached patch? I modeled it after "monospace.properties", so I hope I got all the places where an attribute set must be registered.

    I chose "comment.properties" over "remark.properties" for consistency with "show.comments", please tell me whether you agree with that. Also, should there be two different property sets for comment blocks vs inline comments?

  • Jens Bannmann

    Jens Bannmann - 2012-04-12
    • assigned_to: nobody --> bobstayton
  • Jens Bannmann

    Jens Bannmann - 2012-09-26

    Bob, could you have a look at my patch?


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