#384 Offer way to disable page references for xrefs/links to para

XSL (399)
Ken Morse

Oddly, insert.xref.page.number and insert.link.page.number are ignored with the 1.72.0 FO stylesheets if linking to a <para>. In some cases this probably makes sense but if page numbering for references is turned off elsewhere then it can look a bit strange.

I suggest one of two enhancements:

(1) Remove the two "or local-name($target) = 'para'" checks from fo/xref.xsl that essentially cause insert.xref.page.number and insert.link.page.number to be ignored.

(2) If option (1) above would cause backward compatibility concerns, then perhaps a new parameter could be added -- something like:

<xsl:param name="insert.para.page.number">no</xsl:param>

The value of this parameter determines if cross references (xrefs and links) to para in printed output will include page number citations. It has three possible values.

no - No page number references will be generated.

yes - Page number references will be generated for all xref and link elements to para. The style of page reference may be changed if an xrefstyle attribute is used.

maybe - Page number references to a para element will not be generated for an xref or link element unless it has an xrefstyle attribute whose value specifies a page reference.


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