#3 jadetex: page numbering


There is a months-old problem with PDF output generated
via DSSSL/tex/jadetex. The page numbers for the second
chapter of a book restart from page 1.

A recent post (2001-07-02) from Ian Castle on the
DocBook-Apps newsgroup had a workaround patch to
jadetex that appeared to solve the problem.

However, the problem persists, in several permutations.

1) With or without Ian Castle's jadetex patch, a book
starting with a Part or a Reference instead of a
Chapter will get "iv<0 ??" (with the "iv" part
corresponding to the correct page number but in lower
roman) in the TOC, and no page number on the page

2) In a book starting with two chapters, not using the
jadetex patch, the second chapter restarts pagination.

3) In a book starting with two chapters, using the
jadetex patch, the pagination is correct.

I am currently using DSSSL 1.70 and jadetex 3.7.
The problem (at least permutation 2) also appeared with
DSSSL 1.59 and jadetex 3.6.


  • Robert McIlvride

    Test document with 2 Parts, 1 Reference, and 5 Chapters

  • Ian Castle

    Ian Castle - 2001-07-09

    Logged In: YES

    1) Support for roman numerals was introduced in jadetex
    3.7. This breaks the table of contents generation in
    jadetex which expects all page number references to be
    integers. This is NOT a stylesheet problem.

    2) This is fixed in jadetex 3.8. The PageNumberRestart
    logic was wrong so that the page number was restarted for
    the NEXT chapter after the one the stylesheets intended.
    The only reason why chapter one starts at page 1 is
    because of a bug (now fixed) in print/dbdivis.dsl where
    LoT/ToC generation also restarted the page numbers.

    3) This patch is in jadetex 3.8

    Version 3.5 of jadetex introduced support for
    page-number-restart so the problems only happen with
    version 3.8 fixes this problem .

    Version 3.7 of jadetex introduced support for roman
    numerals. 3.8 still has this problem.

    In addition, jadetex 3.5 (3.4?) and later also requires a
    two-page-start-on-right extension for full support of two
    sided printing. This requires a patch to openjade which is
    not currently in openjade cvs but can be got from the
    mailing list.

  • Michael(tm) Smith

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  • Peter Eisentraut

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  • Robert Stayton

    Robert Stayton - 2009-04-27
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