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#18 Page number restarts unexpectedly


running openjade on following sample with stock 1.77
stylesheets, no jadetex.cfg
<title>Preface title</title>
<para>Preface paragraph blabla.</para>
<title>First Chapter</title>
<title>First Part</title>
<title>Second Chapter</title>
gives the following page sequence:
[blank] (Title page)
iii (TOC)
i (Preface)
1 (First Chapter)
[blank] (Part I)
2 (Second Chapter)
This sample highlight two problems:
1) "Preface" first page should be numbered "iv" or "1"
but not "i", which is quite confusing after "iii".
2) last page should be numbered "3" (For larger first
chapters, the first page of second chapter is always "2")


  • Peter Eisentraut

    Logged In: YES

    The page number restarting in the preface seems to be fixed in 1.78.

    The real problem is that (first-chapter?) gets confused by your
    "unbalanced" outline (some chapters in parts, some not); it thinks the
    second chapter (the first in the part) is the very first one overall. I
    haven't looked further, but I'm sure that's what needs fixing.

    The stylesheet project has a policy to not change matters of taste, so
    I cannot accept the patch to change the preface numbering to Roman
    numerals. I will close the patch and leave the bug open.

  • Peter Eisentraut

    • status: open --> closed-rejected
  • Peter Eisentraut

    • status: closed-rejected --> open
  • Peter Eisentraut

    • milestone: 112684 --> 447635
  • Robert Stayton

    Robert Stayton - 2009-04-27
    • labels: 321158 -->
    • milestone: 447635 -->

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