#14 repeat ineffective in group arg


Bug 605150 describes this problem for DocBook XSL.

In the synop.dsl files (/html and /print versions) the repeat attribute is specified for <arg> but not for the
<arg> as a child of <group> (group arg).

I tested, and--sure enough--the repeat attribute works as expected in a naked <arg>.

I managed to correct the problem with the following addition to my customization layer:

;; Refentry

(element (group arg)
(let ((choice (attribute-string (normalize "choice")))
(rep (attribute-string (normalize "rep"))))
(make sequence
(if (not (first-sibling? (current-node)))
(literal %arg-or-sep%)
((equal? rep (normalize "repeat")) (literal %arg-rep-repeat-str%))
((equal? rep (normalize "norepeat")) (literal %arg-rep-norepeat-str%))
(else (literal %arg-rep-def-str%))))))

I am processing with DocBook DSSSL 1.77 via OpenJade 1.3.

The attached zip contains:

test.xml - a test refentry with repeats in an arg and in an arg within a group.

test1.html - test.xml processed without the customization

test2.html - test.xml processed with the customization



  • Dennis Grace

    Dennis Grace - 2002-09-11

    dbsynop.zip contains test.xml, test1.html, test2.html, and dbsynop.cdiffs as described in the bug report.

  • Adam Di Carlo

    Adam Di Carlo - 2003-04-29
    • assigned_to: nobody --> adicarlo
  • Peter Eisentraut

    • milestone: 112684 --> 447634
    • assigned_to: adicarlo --> nobody
  • Robert Stayton

    Robert Stayton - 2009-04-27
    • labels: 321158 -->
    • milestone: 447634 -->

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