#1 keep-with-next bullets


In the print DSSSL stylesheet, if a new paragraph is created
within a listitem after the bullet or number of an
orderedlist/itemizedlist, that paragraph
needs to be kept together with the bullet or number. For example,

<itemizedlist><title>YE OLDE ITEMIZEDLIST</title>
<listitem><para>Item 1</para>
<listitem><para>Item 1</para>
<listitem><para>Item 4</para>

If the variablelist is rendered as a table, the first cell of the table at
least needs to be kept on the same page as the bullet:


* Item 1
* Item 2
[page break!]
| A | xxxxx |
| B | xxxxx |
* Item 4

This only applies when the bullet/number is on a different paragraph from the start of the actual
content (which, of course, shouldn't be happening at all); so a keep: 'page won't do (bullets on the
same para as their listitem should not be kept on the same page as the next listitem!) This may
require setting a global flag for para creation within lists, triggering a keep-with-previous setting.


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    This is rather hard to fix. Here's how the Flow Objects look
    for a list:

    * (itemized list)
    C (variable list)

    <display-group start-indent="58pt">
    <paragraph keep="page" space-before="5pt"
    first-line-start-indent="-10pt" font-family-name="Times New
    Roman" font-weight="medium" font-size="10pt">
    <a name="problem"/>
    <line-field font-size="8pt" position-point-shift="0pt"

    [[ page break here ]]

    <paragraph keep-with-next="true" space-before="10pt"
    first-line-start-indent="0pt" start-indent="58pt">
    <display-group start-indent="78pt">
    <paragraph keep="page" space-before="5pt"
    first-line-start-indent="-20pt" font-family-name="Times New
    Roman" font-weight="medium" font-size="10pt">
    field-width="20pt"><text> </text></line-field>

    There's no real way to force the sequence with the bullet to
    keep-with-next with the following sequence, containing the
    (or table in your example). I have been able to force the entire
    listitem contents into a page (display-group keep: 'page)
    but that
    is an elephant gun.

    You pointed out a possible "keep-with-previous" case but I'm not
    really sure how I can use this and yet modularly identify
    all possible
    elements under the listitem.

    Giving up on this one....

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