#585 abstract in biblioentry causing validation errors

output: HTML
XSL (1066)

Within a biblioentry the abstract is output as div
class="abstract". This is causing validation errors as
a div cannot exist within a paragraph (which is opened
for the beginning of the biblioentry).

replace: <div class="abstract"><p>

with: <span class="abstract">

And remove related end tags. If people want the
abstract to be displayed on its own line they can style
it as such:

span.abstract { display: block; }

Otherwise the whole block will need to use some
conditional formatting based on whether or not there is
an abstract in the biblioentry.


  • Michael(tm) Smith

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    • labels: 321174 --> XSL
    • summary: abstract in biblioentry --> abstract in biblioentry causing validation errors
    • milestone: --> output: HTML
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Michael(tm) Smith

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    Moving this to the Bugs tracker and raising the
    priority as I think we need to treat generation of
    invalid XHTML as a bug.

    We can't have the stylesheets generate a span for
    abstract. The DocBook reference documentation states
    that abstract is formatted as a displayed block.


    Do you have another suggestion?

    What about having biblioentry generate a div instead of
    p ? Then the child <div class="abstract"> would be valid.

  • Emma Jane Hogbin

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    Currently the entire biblioentry is wrapped in <div><p>. If
    it were wrapped in only a <div> then you could use a <div
    class="abstract">, however right now you cannot.

    Sample output (note the opening <p> right before title):

    <div class="biblioentry"><p><span class="title"><i>DSDT:
    Overview</i>. </span><span class="bibliosource"><a
    </span><div class="abstract"><p>Includes links to patched
    DSDTs and HOWTOs about patching your own

  • Robert Stayton

    Robert Stayton - 2004-11-19

    Logged In: YES

    I suspect the <p> is there to provide some breathing space
    between entries in the bibliography. By default, <div>
    provides no vertical space, so all the entries would run
    together unless a CSS stylesheet is used. To CSS, or not to
    CSS, that is the question (again).

  • Robert Stayton

    Robert Stayton - 2004-12-08

    Logged In: YES

    How are abstracts in bibliography entries usually formatted?
    It seems odd that in the midst of a set of inline entries there
    is this block element that can have multiple paragraphs, even
    a title. Wouldn't it make sense for the stylesheet to move
    the abstract to the end of the formatted biblioentry? The
    processing expectations allow that. Then there is one block
    for everything except the abstract, which appears at the end.

    The same would have to be done for address, which is
    another block-formatted element that can appear inside

  • Robert Stayton

    Robert Stayton - 2005-02-01

    Logged In: YES

    Can we back up a bit here. When I test an abstract inside a
    biblioentry in XHTML output, the abstract is suppressed. This
    template has been in html/biblio.xsl for a long time:

    <xsl:template match="abstract" mode="bibliography.mode">
    <!-- suppressed -->

    So under what circumstances were you getting an abstract
    inside a biblioentry to work at all?

  • Robert Stayton

    Robert Stayton - 2005-02-16

    Logged In: YES

    I didn't get a response to my last followup, so I'm going to
    close this bug because I don't think the stock stylesheets are
    generating this problem. It must be a customization that is
    outputting abstract in a biblioentry. If someone wants to
    reopen this bug, then please post another followup.

  • Robert Stayton

    Robert Stayton - 2005-02-16
    • assigned_to: xmldoc --> bobstayton
    • status: open --> closed-rejected

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