#1299 Ambiguous match for listitem/entry/formalpara/para

output: manpages
XSL (1066)

I used an itemized list in a <refsection> for UNIX man page output. Each <listitem> contained a <formalpara>. Processing the document produced the following error:

[java] Recoverable error
[java] Ambiguous rule match for /book[1]/reference[1]/refentry[1]/refsection[3]/itemizedlist[1]/listitem[2]/formalpara[1]/para[1]
[java] Matches both "d:para[ancestor::d:listitem or ancestor::d:step or ancestor::d:glossdef]| d:simpara[ancestor::d:listitem or ancestor::d:step or ancestor::d:glossdef]| d:remark[ancestor::d:listitem or ancestor::d:step or ancestor::d:glossdef]" on line 37 of file:/C:/publishing-tools/docbook-xsl-ns-1.78.0/manpages/lists.xsl
[java] and "d:formalpara/d:para" on line 58 of file:/C:/publishing-tools/docbook-xsl-ns-1.78.0/manpages/block.xsl

The man page that was produced was acceptable though. This seems like a minor issue but it should be fixed.

My environment:

DocBook 5.0 namespaced
No customization layer - I specified only "man.output.in.separate.dir=1" and "man.output.base.dir=${archive.directory}"
Saxon 6.5.5
JDK 1.7.0


  • Peter Desjardins

    Refentry element containing listitem/entry/formalpara/para

  • Robert Stayton

    Robert Stayton - 2014-01-17
    • status: open --> pending-fixed
    • assigned_to: Robert Stayton
  • Robert Stayton

    Robert Stayton - 2014-01-17

    I fixed this in SVN.


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