#1281 manpages: spurious newline in output for <simpara><emphasis>

output: manpages
XSL (1066)

A spurious line break is added to the man page output when a <para> or <simpara> contains a <emphasis> tag as first children. This item in a definition list with multiple terms has an empty line between the term and its definition:

<emphasis role="strong">abc</emphasis>def

I compiled the full example source document attached to this report using the following command (on Mac OS X using docbook-xsl from MacPorts):
xsltproc -nonet /opt/local/share/xsl/docbook-xsl/manpages/docbook.xsl foo.xml

The generated man page output of the snippet above is the following:

.RS 4


The new line after ".RS 4" is unexpected and does not exist when adding at least one non-whitespace character in before the <emphasis> tag in the example source above. The attached file contains both a working (term "foo") and a broken example (term "bar").

This was encountered with docbook-xsl 1.76.1 and reproduced with the latest docbook-xsl 1.78.0. xsltproc is from libxslt 1.1.27. I tried to provide a minimal example, so the compilation returns some warnings due to missing fields, but they should not influence the result.


  • Rainer Müller

    Rainer Müller - 2013-01-04

    Example man page demonstrating the problem

  • Robert Stayton

    Robert Stayton - 2013-01-07

    A fix for this issue has been added to the current codebase.
    Please test the fix with the latest snapshot from:


  • Robert Stayton

    Robert Stayton - 2013-01-07
    • assigned_to: nobody --> bobstayton
    • status: open --> pending-fixed
  • Rainer Müller

    Rainer Müller - 2013-01-08

    I tried to compile my manual page with the snapshot and it works now as expected. Thank you for the quick response.

  • Rainer Müller

    Rainer Müller - 2013-01-08
    • status: pending-fixed --> open-fixed
  • Robert Stayton

    Robert Stayton - 2014-01-08
    • status: open-fixed --> pending-fixed
  • Robert Stayton

    Robert Stayton - 2014-01-08

    The fix from 2013-01-08 introduced another bug (#1321). I changed the logic to handle all cases now.


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